Indigenous Relations


We Recognize
diversity of Indigenous cultures

One Environmental Inc. believes the Indigenous communities of Canada are necessary partners to the industry and recognize our work is conducted on traditional Indigenous territories. We respect the rights of First Nation, Inuit and Metis Indigenous peoples under Canada's Constitution and their inherent connection with the land and its natural resources.


One Environmental Inc. is committed to a positive reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and their communities. We recognize Aboriginal and treaty rights, the diversity of Indigenous cultures and will proactively seek opportunities that offer mutually progressive benefits. We also recognize One Environmental's privilege and strive to improve our knowledge, resources, strategies, and actions that prioritize Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

Commitment to Indigenous People

  • Respecting all cultural practices, beliefs, traditions and needs of Indigenous communities by increasing our knowledge of their unique cultural diversities.
  • Offering transparency and open dialogue that helps us understand the potential impacts of our industry on Indigenous communities.
  • Developing trust, credibility and engagement with Indigenous communities through inclusive consultations that provide mutually progressive benefits.
  • Being respectful and responsive to feedback where the activities of One Environmental Inc. impact the constitutionally protected Aboriginal and treaty rights, way of life, traditions, and cultures. 
  • Proactively developing and mitigating the impact of One Environmental's activities on Indigenous Peoples and their respective communities. 
  • Providing local economic benefits including sustainable employment, business opportunities and educational resources to Indigenous communities. 

Indigenous Partners


Enoch Cree Nation is a proud First Nation situated in Treaty No. 6 Territory in central Alberta, Canada, bordering Edmonton's west side. One Environmental Inc. has partnered with Enoch Construction Ltd. to provide industrial safety services to clients in Central Alberta.