Hazardous Waste Disposal Edmonton

Collection and processing of hazardous materials is a priority task throughout all operations. From sludge, slurries, fuels, solvents, acids, corrosives, all materials will be treated and handled with care. All materials will be handled according to applicable governing regulations.


Hazardous Waste Disposal Edmonton

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Hazardous Waste Services Include:

  • On-site Treatment processing
  • Sump Processing
  • Water Processing and Recovery
  • Hazardous Solids Management
  • Hydrovac Slurry Processing
  • Waste Profiling
  • Household Hazardous Waste Solutions (HHW)
  • Paint Processing and Recycling
  • Solids Handling
  • Lab Packing Services
  • Fuel Blending
  • Solidification/Stabilization
  • Acid and Corrosive Neutralization
  • Oxidization
  • Sewage and Septic Handling


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